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Sep 2009 — July 2013

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Val de Seine

Diplôme d’État d’Architecture (Master of Architecture) 

mentioned «honorable» with the grade 18/20 and the jury felicitations.

Final Project report book


PFE 2013 presentation sheets 



Sep 2005 — July 2006

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Master of Architecture - incomplete

Civil Engineering

Sep 2000 — June 2005

University of Tehran

Bachelor of Civil Engineering - Suvreying 

Faculty of Technics


Revue ANJA

March 2017 — Present

Editor in Chief and Managing Editor

ĀNJĀ is a Persian term, means ‘There’, ‘Over-There’ in English, ‘Là-Bas’ in French. Could be somewhere unknown, or a visible distant landscape in perspective view, so close, so far. 

The idea of creating this magazine —ANJA— has been started last year, when I was working on my PhD proposal, which has been lately become an interdisciplinary design-led proposal, with the keywords of ‘Aesthetic Territory’ and ‘Public Space in Contemporary City’. Although the proposal talks about a specific form of design, but the interdisciplinary approach has been bolded.

Number Zero has been published.

Oblique Cube Studio

March 2015 — Present


Founder | Principal Architect

  1. Oblique Cube Studio, Tehran based studio of architecture and design, focused on design works at the intersection of architecture, art and culture, interior design and non-standard design, from concept to form, by means of new technologies.

  2. Founded by young Iranian architects graduated from Paris schools of architecture.


Revayat Institute for Cultural Studies (RICS)

March 2014 — Dec 2016

Director of Research Group

Director of 'Architecture and Culture' Research Group

Tehran, Iran

  1. Looking at the architecture and urban planning in the last few decades, has been largely focused on the physical aspects. 

  2. Research group "Architecture and Culture" intends to address the issues related to the idea of architecture, city and culture, to create a social movement in order to extend the cultural concerns of architects and urban planners are concerned. Explaining the cultural and social values of architecture and urban society in the past, present and future prospects of the goals of this research group.


TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center)

Oct 2017 — Jan 2018

Artist Resident

Project 'Ephemeral Design' 

Resident Artist at TUIC 

Tehran, Iran

  1. A 3-month Artist Residency, with research by practice concept, the project of 'Ephemeral Design' as public art and environmental design in public space, at TUIC (Tehran Urban Innovation Center), Aiming to address lectures and to conduct workshops with the theme of Ephemeral Design for students in art and architecture.

  2. TUIC Established in 2016, Tehran Urban Innovation Center is a design-by-research, research-by-design practice, dedicated to developing ideas for smart urban solutions for contemporary Iranian cities.


Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Jan 2014 — Jan 2016


Visiting Professor, collaborating with Professor Hamid Nouhi, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design

Graduate Courses :

  1. Theories and Elements of Design Process

  2. Perceptions and Processes in Architectural Design

Undergraduate Courses :

  1. Contemporary Architecture


July 2011 — Sep 2011


Z.Studio architecture firm

Paris, France

  1. Internship in Z.Studio Architectural Firm in Paris for 3 months as an architect.

  2. Rehabilitation of an EDF building in Creil. Sketch phase and execution by ArchiCAD



SHADKAR Mahdi , "L’ascension et la chute de l’idéologie en art contemporain iranien" - research thesis of master, ENSA Paris Val de Seine, under direction of Professor Martine Bouchier, 2012, 

The rise and fall of the ideology in contemporary Iranian art


SHADKAR Mahdi , "L’influence des français en enseignement de l’architecture moderne à l’université de Téhéran" -  Iranologie en France; Expériences passées et perspectives d’avenir Édition: Negarestan Andisheh, 2015, Téhéran ISBN: 9786009374410


SHADKAR Mahdi, “The Rain of Haiku” Édition: Negarestan Andisheh, 2017, Téhéran ISBN: 978-600-827-320-2

68 haikus (japanese minimal poem) by Mahdi Shadkar in 4 languages, (Japanese, Persian, French, English)

SHADKAR Mahdi, “Salvador’s Glasses” Édition: Rowzaneh, 2017, Téhéran ISBN: 978-964-334-645-4

A novel in 162 pages about Salvador Allende traveling through the time from 1973 Coup to 2013 at the same place, and his interactions with new generation of Chile. (in Persian)


SHADKAR Mahdi , "L’influence des français en enseignement de l’architecture moderne à l’université de Téhéran" -  Iranologie en France; Expériences passées et perspectives d’avenir, Le 3 Mars, le 30 Avril 2015, L’Institut National des Langues et des Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Paris - France


  1. English Advanced (TOEFL iBT 88, 2009) (IELTS Academic 6.5, 2015)

  2. French  Advanced (TCF-DAP 365, 2007) (TCF C1, 2012)

  3. Persian Native

  4. Spanish Intermediate

  5. Japanese Basic


Skills and Expertise

    1. Art critique

    2. Photography

  1. Softwares

    1. Project Planning: Primavera , M.S. Project

    2. Architectural BIMs: ArchiCAD

    3. Modeling: AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino

    4. Graphical Design: Photoshop , Indesign , Illustrator, Photoshop Lightroom

    5. Web Design: iWeb , WordPress , Blogger 

    6. Hand Sketching: Pencil , Pastel , Water color, Fast concept sketching


Art, Architecture, Culture, Design, Flamenco Guitar, Photography, Writing, Haiku, Tennis, Mountain walking,


References available upon request.

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